Electronic Inspection Board For Entangled Yarns
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LH-482 EIB-E

The entanglements in the yarn are responsible for holding the filaments together during the fabric formation so we can work with the yarn. Consistent entanglement-count and entanglement-uniformity are the most important characteristics of an entangled yarn.

The Electronic Inspection Board, EIB-E offers entanglement analysis based on the dynamic yarn diameter measurements. A CCD camera is used to measure the diameter values with 3.5micron precision when the yarn is moving at test speeds up to 300m/min.

As the yarn passes in front of the camera, the Accu-Count Entanglement Software, ACE counts the entanglements and searches for the missing ones in the yarn. The ACE report includes the number of entanglements per meter, standard variation, coefficient of variation, the maximum skip (no show length) and the skip count. The software can mark the good and the bad packages based on the Accept/Reject limits.

The test results and the diameter graphs are saved in common file formats. The profile of any individual package or the entire test can be viewed at any time. This unique feature provides the ability to look at the entanglements and verify how the entanglements are counted, which is not possible with any other entanglement counting systems in the market.

Dynamic test instrument for Entanglement Analysis based on yarn diameter measurement

Ability to measure every 0.5mm of the yarn with 3.5micron precision

Variable yarn speed from 20-300m/min

Maintains constant Input Tension up to 30g on the running yarn

Windows based, easy to use Accu-Count Entanglement (ACE) software to analyze the entanglements

Can be equipped with a Package changer for continuous operation



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