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The CTT Lint test measures the amount of the lint that is generated during 1km long test while the yarn is running under constant tension at test speeds up to 360m/min.

The Lint generation test is helpful to analyze the amount of yarn shedding. Excessive lint indicates fiber loss, which reduces the strength of the yarn. It also creates problems for fabric production machines, work environment and appear as defects on the fabric.

During the Lint Test, the yarn is wrapped around itself. As the yarn is moving, the generated lint will be collected on a piece of paper under the vacuum sealed enclosure. The test automatically ends when 1km of yarn is passed. The amount of lint that is generated is expressed as mg/1km.

The CTT Lint Generation Tester determines how much lint a yarn will generate under yarn to yarn friction condition. Special mounts available for yarn to metal thread path, yarn-to-ceramic and yarn-to-needles, sinkers and reeds (at any angle).

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